MTE Ad Promotions FAQs


Whos owns MTE Ad Promotions?

MTE Ad Promotions is owned and Operated by MTE Enterprises
Thomas Walls CEO 814 Virginia Ave, Martinsburg, WV, 25401 USA.

What is MTE Ad Promotions?

MTE Ad Promotions is an advertising web site that you can use to promote your business
and web sites with some or little or no effort at all.


How does it work?

It's very simple. You join MTE Ad Promotions for free. Enter your promotional material,
apply ad view credits and impressions, and, you are set to advertise.


How do you promote my business and sites?

We can promote your sites and banners three different ways. First, free and pro members will have their marketing material
advertised right here on site through our ad viewing center. Pro members get additional effortless advertising through
our promo wall advertising which promotes you, your sites, and, your banners all on one page. Then, we have our coop advertising
which is full page views of your sites. These are marketed in over 700+ sites like manual traffic exchanges, credit based safe lists,
even mobile web site traffic, and, more. Only pro members have access to the promo wall, and, coop advertising.


Do I have to view ads to earn ad view credits to get my sites seen?

Free members have to earn ad view credits, unless you purchase an ad view package. Pro member do not have to view ads
to earn credits, pro members marketing materials are automatically shown on site, through our promo wall advertising,
and, through our coop advertising.


Do you pay commissions?

Yes. Everyone earns 30% commissions on their referral purchases, and, they can be paid in Cryto Currency like Bit Coin, or,
Skrill, Zelle, even checks to members in the USA.